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    Our (Un)Hidden Voices Podcast is your opportunity to listen to people who we don’t get to hear from every day. Our guests are folks you want to hear from because they have found the strength within and support of family to overcome life’s obstacles. This podcast is an amplification of the voices of Black and other marginalized people who are often obscured from mainstream media. Listeners will learn how to be a co-conspirator, how to strengthen family relationships, and how to address discrimination at school, at work, and in everyday life. New Episodes air on Mondays. Check out some of our most popular episodes below.


    This is the final episode of Season 1. We celebrate our one-year anniversary in conversation with Ethnic Studies teacher Dominique Williams. She discusses how she has grown in the past year as we mark the anniversary of George Floyd’s assassination. Like this episode. Subscribe to the podcast.


    Join our conversation with activist and scholar Natalee Kehaulani Bauer as she describes resistance work in solidarity. Subscribe to our podcast. Like this episode.


    Please hit the subscribe button and click the bell for notifications. Use this link to see the work that Amber and other fellows created during the Centering Black Women Teachers Fellowship.


    PIn this episode, Husain talks about the importance of strength, determination, and family.


    This episode is a celebration of Dr. Norris’s mother, Brenda Harker, a veteran professor and the person who is responsible for teaching her to value family and education. During our interview with her, she reveals her experience of growing up in segregated Atlantic City. Share your thoughts on this episode with us.