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    About Us


    (Un)Hidden Voices is a Black woman owned educational consultancy based in San Francisco, California. We offer anti-racism workshops, individual coaching, strategic planning and curriculum development. (Un)Hidden Voices makes sure our clients have the resources and tools to dismantle racism and sexism.

    Our Mission

    We contribute to the movement for Black lives by amplifying Black voices, Centering Black Women, and working to dismantle racism and sexism in solidarity with people like you.

    Our Team

    Dr. Aaminah Norris, Founder and CEO is a public scholar-activist, professor of education, wife, mother of four, and Bay Area native. Her background in education includes teaching, administration, and curriculum-development for thousands of students across the United States and internationally. Dr. Norris authored curricula for the films “Miss Representation” and “The Mask You Live In.” She is inspired by the “Hidden Figures” film and the idea that Black women are leaders, hidden in plain sight. Dr. Norris is committed to amplifying and uplifting Black women’s expertise including her own.

  • Tasneem Norris is the Social Media Manager at (Un)Hidden Voices. She graduated from the Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts where she earned her BA in Culture and Media studies.

  • Sadiq Norris is the Editor and Content Developer at (Un) Hidden Voices. He has been creating films since 2018, getting his start with New Door, a non profit based in San Francisco. Sadiq recently graduated as Bay Area Video Coalition Fellow in 2020. Photography, cinema, music & the exploration of artforms fuel him as he proceeds on his journey as both a filmmaker and creative.